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Digital Gauge Panel and touch activated Switch Products to be introduced at 2009 Miami International Boat Show

BROOKINGS, Or. –  Chetco Digital Instruments will be displaying its expanded line of vGauge series of digital instrumentation at the

Miami International Boat Show Booth # 3990 

with the addition of Hi-resolution engine monitoring and switch control Color Digital Displays. CDI has taken a modular approach to allow users the ability to centralize Gauge and Switch monitoring with one large VGA format color touch panel. These units offer sunlight viewable color display screens in multiple sizes from 4” to 8.4”. The easy to install, user programmable, color marine gauge and switch units are unique in the market. Users can access existing analog sender and switch wiring currently located at the helm or when using the remote mount interface module, they can eliminate the “rats nest” of wiring currently under the helm and replace it with a simple CAT 5 computer cable or wireless Wi-fi internet interface.

Chetco Digital focuses on pro-active maintenance data rather then reactive “The slightest variations in average data output means something is going on inside the engine, usually that something is not good” “The vDash software allows for side by side monitoring of single or multiple diesel or gasoline engines” comments Company President Steven James.

Chetco Digital offers a unique approach to monitoring engine performance by allowing the operator to view a large array of engine outputs, fuel consumption, and other marine performance data in real time.  USB outputs allow the operator to install any standard memory stick and data log engine performance over an extended time. Using the company’s vDash virtual instrumentation software, this data can be reviewed at a later time or transmitted by the operator to service personnel “What better way to tell your mechanic about a problem then to give him the data acquired during the actual occurrence. You can be 100 miles out at sea and have the mechanic check your engine from shore” exclaims Joe Burke, company CTO. A Min-max alarm feature allows warnings to be sounded or displayed if any of the gauge readings stray from pre-selected criteria. This allows for an unparalleled preventative maintenance program. “Understanding your engine performance under normal use over time can save thousands in fuel costs and expensive damage to high performance systems” Burke continued.

These new touch screen color displays when combined with remote mount gauge or switch modules allow for the viewing of 16 gauges and 12 switches per module and up to 32 when attached to multiple modules. All remote modules have network interface options including USB, serial, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi. These ports allow for data logging and monitoring of engine performance directly on a local PC or remotely via Internet connection(user supplied access needed).

Joe Burke the company CTO states, “Our unique modular approach to helm engine monitoring and remote switching is a first in the industry. We have applied proven 21st technology in order to maximize helm space, allowing users to monitor engine performance and control electrical switches such as lights and pumps from one or more locations around a vessel while opening up helm space for GPS, Radar, Sonar and other vital equipment.

Each unit ships with factory preset gauge layouts or is re-programmable to allow the user design of custom gauge and switching functions. At any time by using the company’s proprietary vDash virtual instrumentation software, the user can change gauge labels, add or remove functions simply by connecting the unit to a computer via  USB port or optional Wi-Fi or Bluetooth module. With touch screen support, the operator can decide to use a single screen to view all readings or multiple screens to view prioritized gauge / switch groupings.

“With the addition of  wireless options, multiple displays can be easily viewed in any location on a vessel via dedicated displays, smartphone or laptop,” stated CTO Joe Burke. “Integrated Switches and Gauges in one unit enable the user to view and log engine performance while onboard or remotely from any internet accessible location including most smartphones or computer, they can monitor what switch functions are on/off and control these switches remotely. This is great for checking fuel levels, bilge levels, battery charge level, potable or gray water levels prior to arriving at your vessel. You can verify if any device was left on after you leave the vehicle or boat.” Steven James the company President added “Imagine being able to look at your Blackberry and see the status of your vessel in real time. You can check your bilge after a storm, turn the bilge on and off, check if your batteries are charging or control lighting from anywhere in the world”. James continued

The Chetco Digital Instruments line of vGauges are not restricted in use. These gauges will work with many single and multiple gas or diesel applications. Chetco Digital gauges and switches have been installed in Luxury yachts, Recreational Boats, Tug boats, Railway cars, Trucks, Race cars, Snowmobiles, Go carts, Motorcycles, Refrigerated shipping containers and Oil Wells. Their sleek modular design and marine durability make CDI products perfect for any application. Chetco Digital products have been shipped to countries in all corners of the globe including USA, UAE, Thailand, Denmark, Australia, UK, Germany, Greece, Japan, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Mexico and Canada due to their unique multi language capabilities.

Prices begin as low as $295 and immediate delivery is available.



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We also offer custom design and configuration to fit your application. 

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