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Unique color digital gauge system helps prevent engine damage and aids in saving fuel.


Brookings, Oregon — June 12, 2008


In a time of rising fuel costs, monitoring engine performance and precise tuning can help save fuel while preventing costly engine damage. Monitoring engine temperatures can be critical in maximizing fuel economy by delivering the right amount of fuel at all engine loads and operating conditions. Chetco Digital Instruments Inc. has added a multi-function Color digital gauge to its line of automotive and marine monitoring products. The vGaugeG12c is an innovative digital instrument that can monitor and display up to 16 engine parameters in real-time using full color graphics to represent current engine parameters


The vGaugeG12c™ features a 5.7” sunlight viewable color touch screen that can display many types of user selectable gauges. By incorporating color graphics, vGaugeG12c allows users to see critical engine temperatures and pressures over a selectable time interval and can warn of harmful operating conditions before engine damage occurs. The company’s unique color Bar Histograms can show six temperature or pressure graphs using human color perception models to quickly identify harmful changes resulting from rich or lean fuel conditions.


One of the practical uses of this innovative new product is monitoring of engine exhaust gas temperatures and cylinder head temperatures to allow precise tuning of engine fueling needs. Gas wasting rich fueling can be identified by the cooling effects on these temperatures while damaging lean conditions can also quickly destroy an engine. By allowing uses to quickly see temperatures changes over time, precise fuel tuning can be achieved without damage.


According to Joe Burke CTO for the company, “We have developed a real-time color gauge package that can give operators instant feedback on multiple time critical temperatures or pressures. Our innovative color bar histograms depict temperatures with color intensities that are easy to interpret.” The color display can be configured with many other gauge formats that can be arranged by users and accessed using a touch screen interface.


The new vGaugeG12c display works seamlessly with the company’s vGauge-Remote™ sensor unit to deliver up to 16 instrumentation functions including EGT, Boost pressures, oil temperature and pressures, voltages, current, tachometers and more. The unit features both USB and serial interfaces, allowing it to be placed up to 150 feet from the sensor unit. For marine applications, it is possible to place multiple display heads far away from the engines while only needing to run small diameter USB or CAT5 cable. The vGaugeG12c can switch between dual vGauge-Remote units to further increase instrumentation to over 32 functions on a single display.





vGaugeG12c is also able to interface directly with other company’s Engine Control Modules (ECM) such as HOLLY’s Commander 950 to display real-time data from the ECM using the same innovative color graphics. This allows uses to get real-time feedback and then quickly change the engine fueling profile. For racing applications, it is possible to add additional color instrumentation such as EGT and Boost pressures not found in most ECM’s.


vGaugeG12c is available in a rugged weather-resist aluminum case that can be deck mounted and also in a NMEA 4 rated flush mount version for use in marine environments. For automotive/RV users, the unit is also available in a sealed plastic case that can be dash mounted or attached to the windshield using popular third-party systems similar to those used for GPS navigation devices.


The vGaugeG12c is bundled with the company’s vDash software program which allows users to customize the unit by picking from a selection of graphic display options and arranging on one of several pages quickly accessed via the touch panel interface. Using the software tool on a Windows XP or Vista platform and attached via USB interface, users can arrange summary instrumentation screens and then also create more detailed formats as desired. The program also provides for sensor calibration thereby allowing the system to fit into virtually any application.



Pricing starts at $695 for the vGaugeG12c™ in a standard plastic case. Other enclosure and configurations are also available.


For more information on vGaugeG12c™ and other Chetco Digital Instruments products, and where to buy, see our web site at or email or call 541 661 2051



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