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New marine color touch screens for viewing vessel data includes a 12” diagonal SVGA High Brightness option


Brookings, Oregon — Friday, July 30, 2010


Chetco Digital Instruments, Inc is expanding its line of SeaGauge color displays with weather-resist touch screen options. By utilizing a propriety protective lens on top of traditional resistive (pressure) touch surfaces, marine rated performance can be achieved while maintaining the features of pressure sensitive touch screens. The new touch surface options will be available on all SeaGauge displays including the newest G32N which features a 12.1” diagonal SVGA color LCD panel with 1100 nit brightness making it suitable for outdoor use.


SeaGauge G32N™ is an 12.1” sunlight viewable color touch screen display that offers a wide selection of user configurable gauges and switches. Incorporating vivid color graphics, the SeaGauge G32N allows users to create 16 critical engine and vessel instrumentation functions including fluid levels, EGT, Boost pressures, oil temperature and pressures, voltages, current, tachometers, and more - warning of harmful operating conditions before engine damage occurs. When combined with the optional NMEA 2000 interface module, all vessel gauges and switches can be viewed and operated by a single display panel using touch commands.  SeaGauge G32N multiple data ports  switch between dual SeaGauge™ Remote sensor units to further increase instrumentation to over 32 functions on a single display.


The large 12.1” color SVGA touch panel has room to show all instrumentation required for dual engines on one screen. Up to 16 user defined gauge arrangements and 12 on-off electric switches can be accessed using touch sensitive commands. Additional gauges and switches can be added through digital expansion ports. All sensor inputs have Hi-Low alarm settings with manual override feature.


Marine environments are notoriously harsh on electronics and displays. Salt spray and sunlight require high bright screens that can withstand wash downs and rough use. “We developed a durable lens that withstands the elements yet allows the operator to touch-through to the display surface behind” comments Joe Burke, CTO for the company. “The material provides the advantage of pressure sensitive touch surfaces while being completely sealed from the environment” he added. Other weather-resist technologies such as capacitive sense will not work in wet environments or gloved hand. Traditional resistive touch screen surfaces must be vented and thus will quickly fail when exposed to salt water or humidity. By sealing the touch surface behind a flexible lens, durable operation can be achieved.


According to Steve James President for the company, “We have field tested our new screens in some very harsh environments including dive boats and open cockpits with flawless performance ”. The color touch screens remain easy to view and operate with the protective lens. “A major advantage is having completely sealed switches at your fingertips” he added when speaking of the optional SeaSwitch™ module.




SeaGauge G32N™ includes a SD Flash memory card slot to allow for field upgrade of unit graphics and firmware. A limitless number of display themes and gauge graphic styles can be downloaded from the internet and copying to the SD memory card.


SeaGauge G32N™ is available in a rugged weather-resist aluminum case that can be flush mounted for use in marine environments. For automotive/RV users, the 12’1” color display can be used to replace an entire dashboard while still providing all stock instrumentation and switching functions.


The SeaGauge G32N is bundled with the company’s vDash software program which allows users to customize the unit by picking from a selection of graphic display options and arranging one of several pages quickly accessed via the touch panel interface. Using the software tool on a Windows XP or Vista platform attached via USB interface, users can compose summary instrumentation screens with additional more detailed formats as desired. The program provides for sensor calibration thereby allowing the system to fit into virtually any application.


Pricing starts at $2495 for the SeaGauge G32N™ and aluminum enclosure. A NMEA 2000 option is available for direct interface to vessel equipment, Other configurations and network options are also available.


For more information on SeaGauge G32N™ and other Chetco Digital Instruments products, and where to buy, see our web site at or email or call 541 469 4783



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Large color digital instrument panel allows customized gauges for multiple engines in one location. Weather-resist Sunlight readable touch operated LCD unit provides Graphic display of instrumentation for diesel and gasoline engines along with remote controlled switching up to 15 amps. Networking options include NMEA 2000 and NMEA 0183 for display of other vessel data including wind speed, wind direction, heading, vessel speed, attitude, GPS information, and more.