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Innovative 16 function Marine and Automotive Digital Gauge cluster delivers

 customized performance monitoring in a compact unit


Brookings, Oregon— August 1, 2006 —


Chetco Digital Instruments Inc. a marine instrumentation company founded in 1998 has introduced a new concept in vehicle and boat instrumentation. Dubbed the vGaugeX4™ and the vGaugeG8™, these solid-state instruments replace up to 16 analog gauges in a single compact sealed unit. vGauge™ combines easy to read digital graphic display formats with user configurable screens into a multifunction virtual instrument for the Marine/Automotive/RV markets.


It is now possible to monitor TAC, RPM. MPH, VOLTS, AMPS, OIL PRESSURE, FUEL LEVEL, ENGINE TEMPERATURES, EGT, CHT, O2, GPS DATA, SONAR DATA, ENGINE TRIM and much more in a compact water-resist enclosure by using a single button to scroll through user defined instrumentation pages.. 


According to Joe Burke CTO for the company “The combination of advanced graphic display modes and simple user configuration, revolutionizes the way we view and monitor engine performance”.  The unit’s unique feature is its customizable display formats “We wanted a way to allow uses to pick and choose standard instrumentation and arrange them in the best position for their needs” says Burke. Users wanted to have easy to read displays of multiple sensors with alarms so they can determine if something is going wrong before it’s too late, Burke said.


Using large graphic displays and reprogrammable FLASH memory– users can arrange instrumentation groups into familiar formats in a fraction of the space of analog units while using existing senders. An optional PC application simplifies configuration through built-in serial or optional wireless ports. Sensor display names can be user programmed in any language.


Besides its virtual dash features - vGauge™ can interface to a variety of GPS, SONAR, and PC based equipment through two built-in serial ports. vGauge™ can display GPS speed, course, bearing, distance, UTC time, and much more. The serial port access also enables the user to interface with the engine ECM to monitor and adjust fuel consumption.


PC and PDA software is available for real-time data logging so that users can display and review engine performance readings from each trip and share with it mechanics to isolate engine malfunction or improve performance.


vGauge™ ships in water-resist one piece CNC machined aluminum case or as an OEM module for custom dashboard designs. A wireless Bluetooth option is available for remote connection to devices such as laptops and PDAs. Units are sealed for use in harsh marine and off-road environments.


Pricing starts at $395 for the vGaugeX4™ LCD display module and up $895 for the vGaugeG8™ Vacuum Florescent display (VFD) model. Other configurations are available.


For more information on vGauge™ and other Chetco Digital Instruments products, and where to buy, see our web site at or email or call 541 661 2051



Joe Burke

Phone: 541/661-2051



14377 Highway 101 South Unit C,

Box 5359 Brookings, OR 97415

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