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Multifunction engine sensor unit transmits instrumentation data to remote displays over standard USB network and Bluetooth wireless interfaces.


Brookings, Oregon — March 5, 2008


Chetco Digital Instruments Inc. has added a USB based remote sensor unit to its line of vGauge™ digital gauges for automotive and marine applications. The compact module mounts near engine and uses imbedded network technology to transmit instrumentation data to remote display heads up to 300 feet.


The vGaugeRemote™ sensor unit features three USB ports and directly supports up to 16 engine monitoring functions such as Tachometer, RPM. MPH, VOLTS, AMPS, OIL PRESSURE, FUEL LEVEL, ENGINE TEMPERATURES, EGT, CHT, O2, BOOST, GPS DATA, SONAR DATA, ENGINE TRIM and much more


Utilizing patented calibration technology and computer control, vGaugeRemote™ allows users to design their own instrumentation systems with an attached PC/Laptop and then install the unit into a vehicle or boat for real-time gauge readings via multiple display heads. USB technology allows for easy attachment to self-powered remote displays and an optional Bluetooth module can eliminate wires altogether.


According to Joe Burke CTO for the company “We have taken our years of experience in automotive and marine instrumentation and developed an engine monitoring solution that interfaces directly with common sensors without the need for specialized adapters.” The small unit is mounted near engine senders to reduce wiring hassles and improves accuracy of measurements. “Adding standard network interfaces allow real-time digital gauge readings to be sent to several locations with the ease of plug-and-play”, Burke added.


vGaugeRemote™ interfaces seamlessly with the company’s line of remote displays which offer sunlight readability using QVGA LCD screens and sealed housings. The newly introduced vGaugeG12S offers a compact 12 function display that can be pedestal mounted on a dashboard or windshield mounted using standard brackets. Built-in USB interface provides both data and power over an easy to install small diameter cable. Multiple displays are supported simply by attaching to one of three ports on the unit.


Custom configuration of instrumentation parameters is accomplished using the included vDash application on a PC/Laptop. User defined gauge labels and sensor calibration tables are easily downloaded to the unit using an intuitive graphic interface. Parameters such as RPM and Speedometer calibrations are simple to perform using the PC interface and then permanently stored in the unit’s on-board FLASH memory. “We have even added support for up to 3 tachometers with individual hour meters”, Burke said.


For users wanting real-time data logging, vGaugeRemote™ supports writing directly to common USB memory devices. A 4GB memory stick can hold up to 15 days of constant data, equivalent to a full season of operation. PC and PDA software is available for real-time data logging so users can display and review engine performance readings from each trip and share with it mechanics to isolate engine malfunction or improve performance


Besides its virtual dash features – vGaugeRemote™  can interface to a variety of GPS, SONAR, and PC based equipment through built-in NMEA 0183 compatible serial port option. vGaugeRemote™ can display GPS speed, course, bearing, distance, UTC time, and much more. The optional serial port can also enable interface with engine ECM to monitor and adjust fuel consumption.


vGaugeRemote™ is housed in a water-resist ABS plastic case measuring 6.5” X 4.5” X 1.5” with mounting tabs for attaching to bulkheads or frames. An optional USB-to-Serial adapter is available to extend wiring past the 16’ USB cable limit to over 150 feet. For wireless installations, a USB-to-Bluetooth module is available for transmission up to 300 feet to enabled Bluetooth devices.


Pricing starts at $395 for the standard vGaugeRemote™ with 3 USB ports. Other configurations are available.


For more information on vGaugeRemote™ and other Chetco Digital Instruments products, and where to buy, see our web site at or email or call 541 661 2051



Joe Burke

Phone: 541/661-2051



Box 5359 Brookings, OR 97415

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Compact multifunction engine monitoring unit delivers up to 16 instrumentation functions over USB or Bluetooth interfaces. Real-time display of custom digital gauges is possible on multiple remote monitors up to 300 feet. Built-in data logging and PC/Laptop design tools provide a complete digital instrumentation package.