SeaGaugeG24N  Specifications

Multi-function color digital Gauge

vGaugeG24N shown with weather-resist touch screen


vGaugeG24N power and data connections to remote sensor unit

Remote Sensor unit
When connected to vGauge-Remote sensor unit, up to 16 color digital gauge readings are possible. There is a 16' max cable length with USB and 150' max cable length with RS232 (serial) interface.
Weather-Proof touch screen
Completely sealed screen is water and weather resistant yet allows operation using touch commands
Color Display
8.4" diagonal sunlight readable color LCD is bright and easy to view. VGA 640X480 pixel display format can fit up to 24 gauges on a single page.
Digital Interfaces
Available with dual RS232 serial connections to vGauge-Remote sensor unit or PC/Laptop.
Multi-function unit
Can control two remote sensor units or switch units from a single display for up to 32 gauges easily accessible via touch commands
Display Modes
User defined gauge displays. Pick from 10 graphic options with customized labels and text sizes using vDash Virtual Instrument Design software. Load up to 8 different display pages for real-time use.
Mounting options
Flush mount in dash or console.
Calibration Tables
12 user modifiable sensor calibration tables. 256 data lookup points per sensor input. 4 character display lookup for each of 256 data points.
Supply Voltage
Operates on 12V-24V DC supply. Unit draws 1100 mA under normal conditions
Flash Port:
Firmware upgrades can be performed in the field without sending unit to factory via SD memory card
Data Format
RS232 serial digital protocol contains individual gauge values, display labels, graphic symbol identifier and gauge screen position in clear text format.

_PCDICGM "000 0180" 12 " 180F" "TEMP"

Individual min and max alarms for each of 16 sensor inputs. All alarms are user programmable. Individual gauge displays will flash or change color when in alarm condition. Internal audio alarm is also user configurable.
Capture Interval
Unit continuously samples all sensor inputs and performs a multi-point average. Averaged data is formatted into a NMEA $IIXDR sentence and output once per second. 
Rugged aluminum enclosure measures 9.8" X 7.9" X 1.87" (outside) requires 9" X 7" cutout

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