SeaGauge  Specifications

Operation Display Gauges
Wireless Ports Remote
Sensors Power Connections
Dimensions Mounting Warrantee
Two sealed touch buttons. Top button single steps through sensors not currently being displayed. On LCD models, the bottom button activates the backlight for night operation.

Normally, RPM and OIL pressure are always displayed while the remaining sensors are selectable. On power up (usually key on) the unit defaults to display RPM, OIL Pressure, Engine Temp, and Main Voltage. Activating the scroll button will cycle through the four temperature sensors and then the two voltage sensors. Fuel level is displayed last before cycling to the first sensor again. 

Unit is programmable to allow custom sensor indicators. Sensor names up to eight characters can be programmed into the display menu and recalled via a single button. Microprocessor can calibrate against most standard sensors. An 9-pin quick-connect rear connector provide easy hook-up to your boat's electrical system.

Several display options are available to match your application/budget requirements. All other specifications remain the same with the exception of display type installed. 

VFD - 24 characters by 2 rows (24X2) Vacuum Fluorescent display. Display is blue-green and visible in both day and night. VFD display will not fade in sunlight and the bright characters are easy to read. Best choice for interior installations.

LCD - 24 characters by 2 rows (24X2) Liquid Crystal display. Requires light to be visible and is best suited for applications under direct sunlight. Reflective backing allows for high contrast and good readability under normal outside conditions. A backlight option is available for viewing under low light/night operation. Good choice for applications in direct sunlight.

For low light indoor applications we also have a Blue LCD display with white EL backlight. While excellent for indoor and low light, this display will not perform well under bright sunlight.

Displays can be custom programmed using a full alpha-numeric character set. You specify exactly what you want for each gauge position. Display area is 4" x 1"

Nine gauge positions are possible. The first gauge position in usually an RPM indicator. RPM can be programmed for 2-cycle or 4-cycle engines from 2 to 8 cylinders. The second position is usually an Oil Pressure gauge but can be modified to display other type of pressure such as water or fuel. The third position is used for temperature with engine cooling water being the most common. This position can be scrolled to display one of four possible temperature sensors. The forth position is used for voltage display and can show main voltage, auxiliary voltage, or fuel level
Purchase the optional Bluetooth module and go wireless. All sensor data and labels are transmitted up to 100 feet to compatible PDA's or laptop computers. The wireless option includes software for your PDA or Windows PC for real-time display of all gauge reading. Software decodes and displays NMEA 0183 sentences. Application also provides ability to command the unit and perform data logging.
Two built-in ports provide connectivity to external devices. A RS232 port connects to standardized equipment for real-time data acquisition and programming. A second Bluetooth port adds the capability to provide wireless communication up to 100 feet. Both ports support NMEA 0183 integrated instrument sentences ($IIXDR) for transmission to other NMEA equipment. This allows multiple units to be cascaded and positioned in other location on your vessel. Input ports can read and decode many popular NMEA 0183 sentences such as depth and GPS information for display on the unit which helps combine data in a central location.
Multiple units can be used in tandem to provide remote display of sensor data in multiple locations. One unit can be located in the engine bay to provide wired connection to sensors/senders while sending captured data to a second unit via wired or wireless. Thus both units will display the same data in different locations
Unit is designed to work with standard GM automotive or VDO instrumentation sensors. You can order stock sensors from us or get them from most automotive supply dealers. If you have existing gauges and want to reuse the  electrical senders, then you should contact our technical staff to determine if they will work. In most cases it is easier and more economical to just replace the sensors with the recommended stock sensors. In most cases you will be able to use the existing wire. 
Three water-resist quick-connect connectors are mounted in the rear panel. One 6-wire power cable connects to +12 volt supply. One 9-wire signal (9 pins) cable provides access  to each of the nine gauges. A third 8-wire cable is used for serial port interface and optional re-programming. The serial port can be attached to an optional Bluetooth module for wireless interface. Mating cable harness is also provided to assist in connecting to your custom application.
Power consumption is determined by the number of active sensors  and the active characters on the display. Minimal power is obtained when engine is off and temperature sensors are cold. Maximum power is used when all display characters are on and the backlight option in active. The VFD display has no backlight but draws the same power as the LCD display with backlight on.
Extruded aluminum box 6.762" wide x 2.28" tall x 2.5" deep. These are extremely rugged single piece enclosures assembled out of aluminum and stainless steel so they will not rust or corrode. 
Mounting Options:
Can be ordered with gimbal mounting bolts for bracket mounting or pre-drilled taps for in-dash mounting. Please see our installation page for more mounting suggestions.
SeaGauge is backed by a full 1 year parts and labor guarantee. If the unit fails for any reason, it will be repaired or replaced at no charge.

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