SeaGauge  Specifications

Remote Gauge Option

Select a different Display mode. Modifies screen background and character styles/colors. Select the serial port number to connect through. Also used to select Bluetooth Device since they behave like a serial port. Set the real-time data capture interval. Can be from 1 second to 30 Minutes per sample
Sensor Inputs
8 analog sampled with 10-bit precision and 1 pulse input. Voltage divider and resistive inputs allow interface to most existing sensors/senders. 3.3 Volt or 5 Volt reference voltage output available.
Calibration Tables
8 user modifiable sensor calibration tables. 256 data lookup points per sensor input. 4 character display lookup for each of 256 data points.
Pulse Input
User programmable Pulse scalar and average
Data Port
RS232 serial port transmit/receive 4800 & 9600 baud. Optional BlueTooth wireless interface module. Used for NMEA 0183 transmission and user programming of calibration tables
Flash Port:
Firmware upgrades can be performed in the field without sending unit to factory
Data Format
NMEA 0183 $IIXDR sentences - one for each of the 9 sensors. Continuous transmission once per second.
Display Mode
User defined s labels for each sensor input. Labels are formatted into NMEA 0183 sentence on transmission for easy identification.
Individual min and max alarms for each of 8 sensor inputs. All alarms are user programmable. Alarms are wired ORed to single alarm output signal.
Capture Interval
Unit continuously samples all sensor inputs and performs a multi-point average. Averaged data is formatted into a NMEA $IIXDR sentence and output once per second. 
Rugged extruded aluminum enclosure measures 6.7" X 2.5" X 2.5"

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