USB to Serial adapter

  • vGauge Serial to PC USB

  • USB self powered

  • 180 foot length

  • Virtual COM Port drivers

  • Sealed water resistant design

  • USB Type A to vGauge 6/8pin

  • Separate interface cables

  • Windows XP/Vista compatible

VGUSB-SERIAL  is a wired interface adapter for vGauge-Remote sensor units that allows connection of vGauge serial port to PC USB port

VGUSB-SERIAL  plugs into serial port and delivers real-time sensor data over wired USB up to 180 feet. The adapter works with vDash application on Windows PC to enable real-time display and data logging  from  vGauge-Remote sensor units of up to 16 instruments.

VGUSB-SERIAL  allows you to use  vGauge-Remote Serial ports for both Display Heads and Host PC connections. Built-in electronics translates and regenerates USB signals so they can be used by Host PC ports..

With driver support for Virtual COM Ports (VCP)  protocols, VGUSB-SERIAL   is easy to set up and manage with supplied configuration software.

VGUSB-SERIAL  comes with two cable adapters for use with vGauge-Remote serial ports (6 pin) and vGauge Display Heads (8 pin). Just plug the correct cable end into the interface unit RJ45 slot. Serial protocols allow extended cable lengths up 180 feet compared to USB maximum of just 16 feet.

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