USB to USB adapter

  • vGauge USB to PC USB

  • USB self powered

  • 30 foot length

  • Virtual COM Port drivers

  • Sealed water resistant design

  • TYPE A to TYPE A

  • VCP Drivers

  • Windows XP/Vista compatible

VGUSB-USB  is a wired interface adapter for vGauge-Remote sensor units that allows connection of vGauge USB master port to PC USB port

VGUSB-USB  plugs into USB port and delivers real-time sensor data over wired USB up to 30 feet. The adapter works with vDash application on Windows PC to enable real-time display and data logging  from  vGauge-Remote sensor units of up to 16 instruments.

VGUSB-USB  allows you to use  vGauge-Remote USB ports for both Display Heads, Memory Sticks and Host PC connections. Built-in electronics translates and regenerates USB signals so they can be used by Host PC ports..

With driver support for Virtual COM Ports (VCP)  protocols, VGUSB-USB   is easy to set up and manage with supplied configuration software. .

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