USB to Wi-Fi adapter

  • 802.11b and 802.11g Wireless

  • USB self powered

  • High gain antenna

  • Built-in Web server

  • Web Page management interface

  • Telnet login and management

  • Sealed water resistant design


  • Email notification

  • Java Applet support

VGUSBWiFi  is a wireless interface adapter for vGauge-Remote sensor units that features a built-in Web Server. Adapter allows full access to all vGauge functions over any standard Internet connection

VGUSBWiFi  plugs into USB port and delivers real-time sensor data over wireless Ethernet up to 300 feet. When connected to a Internet router, remote control is possible just about anywhere in the world. The adapter works with vDash application on Windows PC to enable real-time display and data logging  from  vGauge-Remote sensor units of up to 16 instruments.

VGUSBWiFi  comes with a full function Web Server that can store up to 1.2 MB of pages and supports JAVA Applets. These features allow vGauge-Remote to be deployed as a Web-based remote sensor accessed via any Internet Browser to display real-time data.

With support for a full set of networking protocols, VGUSBWiFi is easy to set up and manage with supplied configuration software. Simple DHCP management of IP addresses and Telnet login round out the feature set..

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