vGaugeG18S  Specifications

Color Remote Gauge Option

vGaugeG18S compact color digital instrument panel


Remote Sensor Option
When connected to vGauge-Remote sensor unit, up to 16 digital gauge readings are possible with one unit and 32 different gauges with additional remote sensor unit.
Touch Screen Interface
Touch sensitive screen provides easy access to user defined gauges and menu options. Quickly select desired gauge layout or activate digital switch using on-screen buttons.
Digital Switch option
Touch panel control of up to 12 digital switches are possible when combined with optional vSwitch control module
Digital Interfaces
Available with USB 2.0 and RS232 serial connections to vGauge-Remote sensor unit and vSwitch control module. Up to 2 remote units can be controlled by one vGaugeG18S display head
Daylight viewable display
Easy-to-read 4.8" (diag) wide screen LCD display is viewable under direct sunlight. White LED backlight for low light/night operation
Display Modes
User defined gauge displays. Pick from 10 graphic options with customized labels and text sizes using vDash Virtual Instrument Design software. Load up to 8 different display pages for real-time use.
Mounting options
A universal T-tab bracket (ARKON #AP012) allows for a large variety of pedestals for windshield, dashboard, and console mounting options
Calibration Tables
12 user modifiable sensor calibration tables. 256 data lookup points per sensor input. 4 character display lookup for each of 256 data points.
Supply Voltage
Operates directly from USB power (5V) bus or vGauge Remote sensor unit. No need to run separate power harness. Unit draws 400 mA under normal conditions
Flash Port:
Firmware upgrades can be performed in the field without sending unit to factory
Data Format
Operates with digital data transmission from vGauge Remote sensor unit over USB or serial protocols.. No need to worry about induced noise common with older analog gauges. There is a 16' max cable length with USB and 150' max cable length with RS232 (serial) interface.
Individual min and max alarms for each of 16 sensor inputs. All alarms are user programmable. Individual gauge displays will change color when in alarm condition. An user controlled audio alert is built in to display so there is not need to wire separate buzzer.
Configuration Software
Displays can be customized using supplied vDash software on Windows (XP or Vista) PC. Create your own gauge arrangement and names on PC virtual screen and load into display head. Easily modified in the field over USB connection.
Rugged ABS plastic enclosure measures 5" X 4" X 1.5"

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