vGauge  Specifications

Remote Gauge Option

Select a different Display mode. Modifies screen background and character styles/colors. Select the serial port number to connect through. Also used to select Bluetooth Device since they behave like a serial port. Set the real-time data capture interval. Can be from 1 second to 30 Minutes per sample

vGauge-Remote shown with optional displays and optional Bluetooth wireless interface module.


Sensor Inputs
12 analog sampled with 10-bit precision and 3 pulse input. Voltage divider and resistive inputs allow interface to most existing sensors/senders. 3.3 Volt or 5 Volt reference voltage output available.
Pulse Inputs
3 User programmable Pulse inputs with pre-scale, scalar and average Direct connection to inductive, spark coil, alternator, VDO signal generator (older diesel) and others.
K-Type thermocouple
Direct connection to K-Type thermocouple temperature probes (1700F MAX) for measurement of Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) or Cylinder Head Temperature (CHT).
12 user modifiable High/Low alarms for each sensor wired-OR to single output. Output can drive PIZO alarm directly or Relay coil (ground switch) for high power alarms. General purpose alarm out
Real-Time clock
Built-in Date/Time clock with battery backup. Three hour meters for each pulse input. User programmable
Data logging
Built-in data logging to USB memory stick or attached PC/Laptop/PDA
Calibration Tables
12 user modifiable sensor calibration tables. 256 data lookup points per sensor input. 4 character display lookup for each of 256 data points.
Supply Voltage
Operates on 6V-14V with an optional adapter for 24 Volt systems. Provides regulated 5V output for powered sensors and remote display heads. Unit draws 200 mA without remote display attached, 500 mA with single remote display
Data Ports
Three USB (1 PC USB and 2 Slave USB)  Optional USB BlueTooth wireless interface module. Used for NMEA 0183 transmission and user programming of calibration tables. Optional USB-t-Serial module for longer distances and ganging multiple displays.
Flash Port:
Firmware upgrades can be performed in the field without sending unit to factory
Data Format
NMEA 0183 $IIXDR sentences - one for each of the 16 sensors. Continuous transmission once per second.
Display Mode
User defined labels for each sensor input. Labels are formatted into NMEA 0183 sentence on transmission for easy identification.
Individual min and max alarms for each of 16 sensor inputs. All alarms are user programmable. Alarms are wired ORed to single alarm output signal.
Capture Interval
Unit continuously samples all sensor inputs and performs a multi-point average. Averaged data is formatted into a NMEA $IIXDR sentence and output once per second. 
Rugged ABS plastic enclosure measures 6.5" X 4.5" X 1.5"

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