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Combo Digital Gauge Units Color and Monochrome Gauge Display Panels Engine Sensor Inferface to PC or Displays Remote Switching via touch panels PC Software for Gauge Design and viewing Internet access to gauges and switches Sensors and Senders


Chetco Digital Instruments Gauges feature full function combo units from 4 to 8 functions in a variety of display sizes and styles.

Units are fully self contained with direct attachment to analog senders such as engine temperature, Oil pressure, Fuel level, Battery Voltage, and even Tachometer interfaces. Programmable calibration tables allow matching to a large selection of existing engine sensors.

These independent gauge clusters come in display sizes ranging form 4" Monochrome screens to full size 8.4" Color VGA. All are easy to view in full sunlight and include adjustable backlight for lowlight and night operation.

Enclosures include watertight flush mount and versatile pedestal mount to suit your installation and dashboard requirements.

Simply attach sender wires and 12/24 Volt source and view your customized instrumentation downloaded from our virtual dashboard design software. Create multiple display screens from a selection of gauge styles that are accessed from front panel buttons or touch screen operations. Some units even include data logging to attached PC

All units include user adjustable min/max alarms for each sensor input. Gauge readings can be programmed to flash or sound an audio indicator when sensor exceeds set thresholds. Color displays allow dial faces to change color when in alarm mode.



Chetco Digital Instruments  Display Panels offer a modular approach to custom instrumentation. Built-in USB and Serial interfaces allow multiple Displays to attach to separate sensor interface units up to 150 feet and can provide from 16 to 32 different gauges on a single panel.

Placing the remote interface near the equipment to be monitored eliminates long runs of sensor wires which can severely degrade accuracy. Engine sensor data is converted to digital format for reliable transmission over long distances using simple USB or CAT5 network cable to multiple display heads

A single sensor interface unit can feed a large display in the helm station and another smaller display in the flying bridge. Utilizing network technology and a common data protocol, separate display heads can show the same gauge readings in multiple locations;

Displays Panels are available in an array of styles to suit installation and budget from 4" monochrome to a huge 8.4" color VGA touch screen. Most panels support multiple digital inputs allowing gauges from dual sensor units to be displayed on a single panel for up to 32 possible gauges.

All panels allow for custom design and layout of gauges using a selection of graphic styles and formats. The easy to use instrumentation software can create multiple instrumentation layouts which are accessed using simple scrolling features. Create an operational mode with just a few large gauges or a summary mode with several smaller gauges.





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