Digital Instrumentation

  • 16 function digital gauge display when used with vGauge-Remote sensor unit

  • User defined gauge labels and 10 graphics display options

  • USB/Serial interface to remote sensor unit up to 300 feet

  • 4 function digital gauge with RPM, Temp, Volt, Fuel, more

  • Sealed water resistant design in a painted aluminum CNC machined case

  • Customizable sensor calibration tables match any sender

  • NMEA 0183 input/output accepts GPS/SONAR data

  • Large 320 X 240 graphic sunlight readable 5.7" LCD display

vGauge-G12A  is a multi-function digital instrument panel that replaces mechanical instruments and gauges  in automotive/RV and boat electronics applications. Now get digital instrumentation display of a variety of performance parameters such as TACHOMETER, RPM, OIL PRESSURE, ENGINE TEMPERATURE, TRANSMISSION PRESSURE, BOOST PRESSURE, O2, FUEL PRESSURE, FUEL LEVEL, VOLTMETER, MAIN and AUXILIARY BATTERY,  and much more all in a compact sealed design.

 vGauge-G12A will replace existing instruments and gauges on most vehicles without having to rewire or replace sensors. Simply attach to compatible  vGauge-Remote and get real-time display of up to 16 instruments on one panel.

vGauge-G12A is based on a advanced large format  graphic LCD display (5.7" diagonal) which can create a variety of instrumentation display formats.  Ten graphic display modes are available to create a truly virtual dashboard on each of eight possible screens. The LCD display is easily readable in bright sunlight and the white LED backlight makes low light viewing standout.

vGauge-G12A  is ideal for custom engine applications where display of tachometer, engine temperature, oil pressure, fuel tanks, and voltage for each engine is accomplished on one screen. Additional screens can show transmission fluid temperature and pressures, turbo boost pressures, fuel pump pressures, and much more - all in a single compact unit.

vGauge-G12A  uses a sealed screen and microprocessor control to allow you to create up to 16 custom gauge positions selectable with a single button. Twelve sensor readings can be visible at all times while the  remaining values are recalled with a single scroll button. You can custom design it to match your vehicle instrumentation system.

vGauge-G12A can receive gauge readings via built-in serial or USB ports to a vGauge-Remote sensor unit for real-time display. NMEA 0183 integrated instrumentation sentences ($IIXDR) ensure compatibility with on-board equipment. Gauge readings can be transmitted and displayed on other NMEA 0183 devices. vGauge can also decode and display NMEA 0183 sentences such as depth and GPS information. Bluetooth wireless connectivity allows a laptop or PDA to receive data up to 100 feet away. Optional software for personal computer or PDA (PocketPC 2003) is available for display and real-time data capture. The Bluetooth wireless capabilities allows one unit to be installed in the engine room or helm while a second unit can mounted at an alternate location without running additional wires.

vGauge-G12A can be programmed to match you existing sensors/senders. Simply attach to a computer or PDA via serial cable or wireless ports - and download a text file to recalibrate. All display values are user programmable by typing values in any text editor and downloading to the device. Unit can be upgraded in the field without removing from the dash. No matter what your current sender/sensors are currently installed - vGauge can adapt.

vGauge-G12A utilizes a CNC machined aluminum case for durability and resistance to moisture and corrosion. The finish is a 4-layer automotive quality paint that stands up to the elements and maintains its excellent apprearance. It can be mounted on any exposed dashboard and take the punishment. Extensive testing in harsh environments has proven durability and function.

vGauge-G12A is available with either USB or RS232 interfaces. USB is ideal for easy connection to PC/Laptop for custom programming and provides a reliable link to all vGauge-Remote sensor units at a distance up to 16 feet. For longer distances, a RS232 serial option is available for up to 150 feet using standard CAT5 network cable..

vGauge-G12A is available with a easy to read Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) for easy viewing in direct sunlight. The 1200 character graphic display shows the gauge name and current value for 16 instruments at a time.  A built-in microprocessor constantly monitors 10 sensors and transmits data out two built-in ports.  Gauge readings can organized into groups and a  water-proof membrane switch will cycle through them.

vGauge-G12A is also available as a standalone unit capable of tachometer and 3 additional gauge functions such as temperature, oil pressure, fuel, volts, and a lot more. All are user programmable and customizable using supplied vDash Virtual Instrumentation software. When operating as a standalone gauge cluster,  vGauge-G12A can still receive and display data from an attached vGauge-Remote unit.

vGauge-G12A is compact in size, big on function. Use vGauge-G12A on your dash to replace old analog instruments which take up valuable space. One vGauge  will replace 16 mechanical instruments in  the space of one. Now you will have room for that new GPS unit. Combine vGauge with our popular SeaSwitch and transform your entire dash into a solid-state sealed digital instrument panel occupying a fraction of the space of your old dash.

vGauge-G12A is ideal for any automotive or RV application where space is at a minimum and exposed to the elements. Transform your dash into the digital age.

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