vGauge-G12  Specifications

OEM LCD Display Module

Product Brief (PDF)
Module drawings (PDF)

12 digital gauges in one compact unit

  • User configurable instrument labels
  • Huge 5.5" X 4.25" 320 X 240 GRAPHIC LCD display
  • Only 6.0” X 4.75” X 1.25” 
  • Works with existing senders
  • Min/Max alarms for all inputs
  • Cascade units for up to 16 functions
  • Remote Control and display on PC/PDA included
  • PC/PDA data logging included
  • Field upgradeable
  • Only 1.25" thick - easily fits into dash

These are OEM drop-in modules ideal as marine and boat gauge replacements or upgrades. They can also be used in automotive and RV applications as additional instrument clusters.

Units are capable of displaying multiple functions including digital tachometer, RPM, MPH, engine temperature, manifold temperature, exhaust temperature, oil pressure, water pressure, volts, amps, O2, MAP, fuel level, battery charge, and more  - all in a single multi-function gauge cluster.

These modules feature a easy to view Graphic 12 function display with 8 configurable display modes. Check out the photos for some examples of user setups. These are some of the best displays on the market with true virtual digital dials and high resolution graphics. Also available in a BLUE LCD DISPLAY for interior applications.

Unique customizable calibration tables are available for all types of senders and can be downloaded to unit using serial or wireless interface. Simply modify a text file to suit you sensor application. Units can be configured for most standard automotive and marine senders.

Units are stock with 3 temperature inputs, 2 voltage inputs, 2 pressure inputs, Fuel input, and 2 pulse inputs. Other configurations are available.

Units have 7 different graphic display modes -

Data Display - Values are displayed with Text labels and digital readouts. Up to 16 can be chosen for each of 8 possible groups.
Histogram Display - Sensor value is displayed with Text Label and digital readout along with a 64-bar Histogram that tracks values over user configured time interval from 15 seconds to several hours. Great for showing trends.
 Bar Graph Display - Sensor labels and values are displayed with a 128 segment Bar Graph from Min to Max. Up to 8 can be chosen for each of 8 possible groups. Great for comparing different sensors side-by-side.
Digital Gauge  Display - Sensor labels and values are displayed with a dial gauge with 8 segments from Min to Max. Up to 8 can be chosen for each of 8 possible groups. Great for comparing different sensors side-by-side.
Large Dial Display – Ideal for RPM and MPH display. Include digital readout and graphic fill around perimeter. Up to two can chosen per display page.

These are OEM Chetco Digital Instruments™ modules with full factory warranty. Dash cutout is only 5.0” by 3.75”. Units display up to 12 digital functions on a user configurable screen. Display 1 to 12 readings at a time - you configure the display labels to suit your needs. Pick and choose which functions you want to monitor using on-screen menus.

All sender/sensor inputs are programmable to match existing equipment. No need to replace senders. Uses standard automotive senders. High/Low alarms are programmable for each sensor. Pick and choose your own sender combinations. We can supply senders but they are not included in the price and will incur an additional charge.

Both a RS232 and Bluetooth wireless interface are available to attach to PC/Laptop/PDA for real-time viewing and data logging of gauge reading. View and log sensor inputs from outside your car/boat in real-time. Units can be cascaded for additional sensor inputs. The Bluetooth module is not included but can be purchased separately.

Custom mount these anywhere. Modules are coated with moisture resist epoxy. You provide the faceplate to match your dash (usually a clear Plexiglas) Mount the two control buttons anywhere you like (not included)

Modules use a 6.0" X 4.75" 320X240 Graphic LCD display. Units are functionally equivalent to vGaugeG12 but without the case.


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