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Chetco Digital Instruments Instrumentation Software for Windows XP/Vista provides an easy to use interface for design and display of custom gauges

vDash can create custom instrument panels using a variety of graphic styles by simple point-and -click interface. User-defined gauge labels can be assigned in multiple languages and sensor calibrations designed for any unit of measure.

All instruments can be viewed on PC in full color or downloaded to any vGauge unit for real-time display. Load vDash on your PC and attach a vGauge Remote unit for a complete digital instrumentation system

vDash can be used with vGauge Remote Sensor and vSwitch to create a virtual dashboard on any Windows PC/Laptop with real-time display and data logging

vDash allows easy modification of all operating parameters for any vGauge unit. Design new screens, change display labels, calibrate sensors, set up network communications - all with easy to use interface.

Network support of Ethernet and Internet connections allow vDash to display and control vGauge units from anywhere in the world.


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