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Chetco Digital Instruments provides a range of networking options for all vGauge products.

Most units have built-in Serial (RS232) and USB interfaces for direct connection to host PC/Laptops to allow configuration and display of instrumentation data.

USB interfaces provide easy plug-and-play connection to most modern PC/Laptops but have a maximum distance limit of 16 feet. Most vGauge Displays include a USB port to allow simple interface to PC for configuration and programming

Older reliable Serial interfaces are point to point but can run up to 150 feet over inexpensive CAT5 cable. This the main link for longer runs from Remote Sensor units to Display heads.

vGauge Remote Sensor units include both USB and Serial ports for flexible interface to a variety of equipment. While the Serial interface is usually for attaching single display heads, additional displays can be accessed over the USB port by using a USB to Serial converter for extended range to 150 feet.

vGauge Remote Sensor units and vSwitch Remote units can support direct wired Ethernet connection by attaching a USB to Ethernet converter module. This module allows each unit to obtain a separate TCP/IP address on the network thus allowing any number of units to be installed within 300 feet. With the expansion capability of Ethernet routers - an unlimited distance can be obtained between host PC and vGauge Remote units.

For direct wireless connect to host PC/Laptops - a USB to Bluetooth module is available for ranges up to 300 feet

Even further wireless distances can be achieved by using a USB to WiFi module. Just attach to USB port on Remote Sensor unit or vSwitch Remote, and access data remotely from anywhere in the world when linked to a WiFi hotspot and a JAVA enabled WEB browser.


USB to Serial

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