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Chetco Digital Instruments gauges support a wide range of senders to measure everything from temperature to fuel flow.

Unique programmable calibration tables make it possible to match sender outputs to any desired range and unit of measure.

All units are capable of measuring voltage, resistance, and pulses dependent on chosen sender type.

Multiple pulse inputs allow a single gauge to be used for  tachometer, speed, and fuel flow - all in one unit. Dual engine tachometers are standard on vGauge Remote Sensor Units

Resistive pull-up inputs provide for low cost senders such as engine temperature,  oil pressure, and fuel levels.

Direct voltage inputs allow for high pressure senders, vacuum/Boost senders, O2, and current sensors.

Built-in amplifiers for K-Type thermocouples make direct measurement of Exhaust Gas Temperatures and Cylinder Head Temperatures possible

Senders are available in many different thread sizes and termination styles.


Fuel Flow



Low Pressure



High Pressure




Fuel Level


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