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New For 2010

We have many innovations being introduced in 2010. From interface adapters for expanded network support to customized display themes. Check out the links below to discover what makes us the best in digital instrumentation.

NMEA 2000 Adapter  for Remote Sensor Interface units now support networking via the NMEA 2000 bus. It provides a bridge between analog sensors and the digital protocol of NMEA 2000. Now, all existing gas and diesel engines can interface with compatible onboard GPS/Sonar heads for display of all engine and marine equipment gauges. Supports engine data, battery condition, fluid levels, transmission parameters, weather data, and more.

Dual G12C (5.7") Display Panel  The popular G12C color touch display is now available in a dual screen panel perfect for multiple engines. Two 5.7" diagonal displays are mounted in Portrait mode to give both Port and Starboard engine data in a flush mount panel. With a overall dimension of 9" X 7" and a thin 4mm above dash profile, you can create a truly "glass dash" look. Anodized Aluminum bezel is available in several colors.

Display Themes  All color displays now feature your choice of configurable display themes. Themes create the "look and style" of the individual gauge graphic elements, background colors, and gauge positions. All themes can be downloaded from our Web Site and copied to target displays via USB connection from PC/Laptop for instant updates. Our Windows based configuration and display application - vDash ,  now also supports the same theme styles and can even be customized with a user editable script fie for infinite display choices..

Custom CNC Dash Panels   With our CNC machine capability, we can now offer custom dash panels for mounting one or multiple display modules along with all other dashboard components. Replacing old analog gauges usually requires some form of rework to cover up the extra holes, now you can design a whole new panel to create a clean "Glass Look" for your instrument dash. By incorporating all gauges and switches in our color touch screen displays, you free up valuable space to integrate other helm components. Panels are made from anodized aluminum available in many colors. You can also add engraved labels and cutouts to match existing controls.


We also offer custom design and configuration to fit your application. 

Click on the links below to get more information on our outstanding line of gauges and switches.


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