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Chetco Digital Instruments sensor interface units are an innovative approach to digital instrumentation. By localizing sensor connections near the engine and converting to a digital format - reliable transmission is now possible to multiple locations over great distances.

vGauge Remote Sensor units are compatible with all vGauge Display Panels to create a modular instrumentation system. Choose from an economical single display to multiple full color display options.

Each Remote Interface unit can handle up to 16 different inputs from simple temperature, pressures, voltage, fluid level senders to more complicated tachometer, speedo, and even fuel flow interfaces. Each unit can support instrumentation for dual engine applications with room to spare.

Downloadable sensor calibration tables provide compatibility with a huge selection of existing senders. Gauges can be created with any desired units of measure and displayed in many different languages

Built-in USB and Serial interfaces transmit digital sensor data to instrumentation Display Panels or remote PC/Laptop for real-time display. Optional network interfaces allow gauge date to be sent out over wireless data links (Bluetooth or Wi-Fi) and even directly to the Internet. It is now possible to monitor engine instrumentation data form any Web browser in any location accessible via the Internet.

User settable min/max alarms are available for all inputs. A flexible alarm interface can drive a small pizo or a load horn.

Provided Instrumentation design software allows customized gauges to be set up on PC/Laptop without the need for a separate dedicated display.

Multiple enclosures styles are available from the economical open frame with terminal strips to a rugged water-tight option with quick-connect cable harness.


vGauge Remote

Sealed case design

vGauge Remote

Termial Post design


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