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vGauge Remote Sensor Units support several types of resistive pressure senders in different ranges

Senders vary resistance with changes in pressure usually with resistance increasing as pressure rises. A pull up circuit supplies the bias voltage via a single wire with the ground return path via sender body to system ground. In some cases, a separate ground terminal can be ordered for isolated ground systems

The main difference between senders is pressure range with operational ranges from 30 PSI to 400 PSI the most common. These versatile senders are used for Engine OIL,  FUEL, Transmission OIL, Water Pumps, and more.

Resistive senders are effected by long wire runs which can increase the overall load. With min pressure resistance in the 10-14 Ohm range, the effect of lead resistance can become noticeable. These effects can be easily compensated via adjustments in calibration tables. Another effect of resistive senders is no-linear response curves which can cause very quick changes at end of operating ranges. Calibration tables can help reduce some of these effects.

Some common senders available are listed with associated calibration tables.

  PSI KgCm2  
VDO #360-043 (stamp 32/25) 1/8" -27 NPT 30PSI Floating ground  
VDO #360-003 (stamp 29/4) 1/8" -27 NPT 80PSI Standard body ground    
VDO #360-004 (stamp 29/12) 1/8" -27 NPT 150PSI Standard body ground  
VDO #360-431 (stamp 38/3) 1/8" -27 NPT 350PSI Floating ground      
VDO #360-406 (stamp 38/8) 1/8" -27 NPT 400PSI Floating ground  
ISSPRO #R8916 1/8" -27 NPT 80 PSI Standard body ground  
ISSPRO #R8916-02 1/8" -27 NPT 80 PSI floating  ground  
ISSPRO #R8917 1/8" -27 NPT 100 PSI Standard body ground  
ISSPRO #R8919 1/8" -27 NPT 150 PSI Standard body ground  
ISSPRO #R89825 1/8" -27 NPT 350 PSI Floating ground      

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