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vGauge Remote Sensor Units support several types vacuum/MAP sensors for measuring manifold and Boost pressures

These senders are available in various operational ranges and require a voltage source to operate (12V). They produce an output voltage proportional to the sensed vacuum or Boost measurement.

For applications in measuring engine vacuum or Boost - economical models can be used only for contact with air.

For fuel and liquid applications - more expensive stainless steel models are available

Vacuum/Boost sensors can only be used on vGauge Inputs set up for voltage measurements

Some common senders available are listed with associated calibration tables.

  PSI inHg Data Sheet
Sen 09-03 30PSI Boost and 30 inHg Vacuum Sensor AIR ONLY
PX481A Stainless Steel 14inHg Vacuum for use in Fuel  
PX140 Vacuum Sensor 2 Bar for AIR ONLY    

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